Tune in and learn how to invest in the stock market.

Ready to dive into investing but feeling overwhelmed by financial jargon? Picture yourself learning alongside two friends: one a beginner investor like you and the other a 15-year finance expert. Meet Market MakeHer, your go-to self-directed investing education podcast. We ask the questions you are thinking and answer with fun analogies without the financial jargon.

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Unlike any other podcast.

By relating the business cycle to the menstrual cycle, supply and demand to secondary shopping, and many more out of the box analogies, we became an award winning podcast! We make it make sense, fun, and relatable.

  • No financial jargon, lots of relatable analogies
  • New episodes and resources weekly
  • Real questions, real expert answers
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Nothing prepared us for your heartwarming reviews. We are on a mission to make you feel empowered. You say it's working. Your reviews are our morning mantra. Not kidding.

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Found it!
I have been looking for a simple educational system for investing, and I found it here! This podcast breaks down those barriers to learning, and makes the topics simple to understand. Thank you so much!!

wer5150, Apple Podcasts
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Invaluable insights!
Big thanks to the ladies behind the podcast for sharing their wealth of knowledge. Jessica's TikTok page was a serendipitous find while I was preparing for the SIE exam, and the podcast was a game changer in connecting the dots during my studies. I’m excited to share that I did pass the exam!! Always eager to listen to the next episode!

Angeline_abq, Apple Podcasts
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This is the podcast that I’ve always been looking for but never even knew what to search to find it! This is a phenomenal resource for someone that wants to have a better understanding of finance but can’t figure out where to begin! I never write podcast reviews but i think this one is so important, especially for young women who have always felt shut out of conversations around finance and stability for themselves. Excited to see how this podcast helps me navigate finance in the upcoming future as a 23 year old woman :)

blair call, Apple Podcasts
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I love the way you make it so easy to understand!
I am so glad I stumbled across this podcast! I work for brokerage firm, I hear all the terms but didn’t know what so many of them meant. I now know enough that i don’t shut down when somebody says fixed income! The way you breakdown investments is perfection. Its understandable, digestible and just enough to understand the basics and be able to carry on conversation. Will you be getting into annuities? That’s my next mountain to climb. Thank you both for all you do, you girls do an AMAZING work! Keep it up please!!

Sem_Nem, Apple Podcasts
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Best financial education podcast
This podcast has answered all of the questions that I was too embarrassed to ask or just didn’t know. I’ve really enjoyed this series and found the examples they’ve used to be so relatable and fun. This has been a game changer and helps take the fear out of investing!

Kaywhay01, Apple Podcasts
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Calming, healing and empowering
I’ve dealt with a fair amount of financial trauma in my life, and have felt completely at the mercy of economic conditions my entire adult life. Listening to this podcast is helping me start to collect my thoughts, calm my nerves, and feel empowered to have some agency in the financial world. I’m so grateful to these two for taking the time and effort to produce this podcast. I’ll listen as long as they’re talking.

perdy_mama, Apple Podcasts
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Omg, hello and thank you! Using your podcast I was able to analyze and pick my own investments when I set up my 401k at my new job! So helpful to break down the stuff in the news. I have been listening to HFK and it's not all bad advice, but this is SO MUCH MORE HELPFUL!!!

Jane Carson, Spotify
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GREAT! I've never heard the stock market explained that way, you rocked it. A+, I'll be listening to more!

Maria Louisa, TikTok
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Y'all are my favorite podcast right now! I binged EVERY SINGLE episode in less than a week.

dr.babybroccoli, TikTok
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For the 1st time in my life I feel like I understand and am learning to navigate my own financial decisions with investing. Please keep it going.

awarfield, TikTok