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Ready to dive into investing but feeling overwhelmed by financial jargon? Picture yourself learning alongside two friends: one a beginner investor like you and the other a 15-year finance expert. Meet Market MakeHer, your go-to self-directed investing education podcast. We ask the questions you are thinking and answer with fun analogies without the financial jargon.

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Hosts Jessie and Jess holding their gold signal award for the best emerging podcast for redefining self-directed investing with text: Market MakeHer: the award winning podcast for the self-directed investor

Take the fear out of investing.

Our stock market investing podcast is hosted by two dynamic women: a finance expert, Jessica Inskip and apprentice, Jessie DeNuit. Jessica gave up her financial licenses to provide financial education and Jessie convinced her to start this podcast. Together, they are on a mission to bridge the financial literacy gap. Understanding builds confidence.

  • No financial jargon, just relatable analogies
  • New episodes and resources every week
  • Real questions, real expert answers
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