Jessica Inskip

Co-founder and Host of the Market MakeHer Podcast
Director of Education & Product at OptionsPlay

Media & Resources

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About Jess

  • First female on Fidelity's Active Trader Desk
  • Former Director of Advanced Trader Strategy at Merrill
  • Frequent guest on CNBC, TD Network and FOX Business

Jessica is a finance trailblazer, known for being the first female on Fidelity's Active Trader Desk and work frequently recognized by Jim Cramer. With expertise in advanced trading strategies and technical analysis, she has had a significant impact. Jessica appears frequently on CNBC, FOX Business, Yahoo! Finance and the Schwab Network as a guest and commentator.

Since joining the finance industry in 2009, she has held diverse roles in brokerage firms, specializing in strategic initiatives, high-frequency trading, options, and derivatives. Currently, as the Director of Education and Product at OptionsPlay, she focuses on bridging the gap between education and complex financial products. Jessica's work is featured in esteemed firms and exchanges such as Fidelity, Merrill, TD, Nasdaq, and more. Alongside her professional endeavors, she actively promotes financial literacy through social media, gaining a dedicated following and advocating for the younger generation. Jessica recently launched the Market MakeHer podcast which has won various awards and is focused on breaking down the complexities of the stock market.