About our stock market investing podcast

Imagine a world where investing is as easy as a few clicks, thanks to tech and discount brokerages. That's our world today! The COVID era saw many diving into stock market investing, a wave largely fueled by social media. But here's the major issue: social media is swamped with self-taught 'experts' and self-styled 'money gurus'. It's a rarity to find someone with financial licenses creating content online. Why? Because often, licensed pros aren't allowed to. That's right – to share her knowledge freely and connect with you right where you scroll, Jessica chose to step away from her financial licenses. And that's how Market MakeHer was born! We're here to replace misinformation with the truth, making finance simple and relatable for everyone.

Jessie and Jess in street. Photo credit by Vanja Savic

About your hosts

Jessica Inskip AKA Jess is a stock market expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry, as well as an excellent teacher (watch her videos on TikTok and catch her on Fox Business and CNBC). Jessie DeNuit is a digital marketing maven and life-long learner with an inquisitive nature.

Together, they bring their charismatic friendship energy to the Market MakeHer Podcast in an effort to explain how to invest in the stock market at any age, no matter who you are, how you identify, or how much you know about investing.

Your hosts have one mission: financial independence. The first step to financial independence is to become financially literate.

The story of Market MakeHer

Jessica Inskip and Jessie DeNuit, friends for over a decade, are the dynamic duo behind Market MakeHer. After a 15-year stint in finance, Jessica took a bold leap, trading her financial licenses for a mission to close the financial literacy gap. (We know, it's a sentence that should not exist. Well it does.)

Meanwhile, Jessie dived into the world of self-directed investing, only to find herself swamped with info overload. Struggling to find a podcast or resources that could demystify the jargon, she turned to Jessica for answers. Their many enlightening chats sparked the idea for the Market MakeHer podcast. Jessie bravely stepped into the spotlight, openly sharing her learning journey, while Jessica, with her wealth of knowledge, broke down complex concepts.

Together, they're not just talking finance; they're rewriting the script on investing education.

How we are re-defining self directed investing education.

We make financial literacy accessible from a fresh perspective.

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Trailblazing Podcast

Many investing podcasts focus on budgeting and passive investing, we level up by demystifying the complexities of the stock market. We explain how it all works.

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Insight Library

Explore our website packed full of resources that take you beyond listening. You'll find blogs, guides and so much more based on your questions.

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No Gatekeeping

Do not rely on just us! We show you all of our favorite tools and resources across the web. We even use features at brokerage firms (not sponsored) that help you make sense of it all.

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Safe Questioning

Jessie asks all of the questions you are thinking and then some so you do not have to. Jessie is learning a long side you and keeps Jess out of financial jargon land.

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Quality Answers

Jess has been in the finance industry for about 15 years and is a regular on top financial media outlets, including CNBC and Fox Business. She was licensed for 10 years.

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Fun Analogies

We explain topics using out of the box analogies. Jess literally uses as many Taylor Swift analogies as she can and even compared the business cycle to a menstrual cycle.

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Award Winning

In October of 2023, we were a gold winner for the Best Emerging Podcast in the Signal Awards. We were the only finance podcast to receive a gold award.

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Values over Profits

We protect our community and only share what is valuable to our listeners.  We talk about products we like, not because we are paid to do it. (If we are paid, we will let you know by who) 

Our 'Her'story

The Market MakeHer podcast was born from a conversation revealing a pressing need for accessible financial literacy. Two weeks after launching we made the top charts and an IMPACT!

Nov '22
The idea was born
May '23
We launched Market MakeHer
Jun '23
Reached #1 on the Edu Charts
Oct '23
Won a GOLD Signal Award
Striving to make an impact

Our sponsors

Currently, we do not have any sponsors, but we welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded brands who share our commitment and values. Values over profit.