Ep 17: What we can learn from Gen Z investing featuring Mary Esposito

Gen Z has entered the chat, finance and social media have intersected. In 2022 43% of retail accounts where opened up by investors ages 18-35. Resulting in a surge of HYSA and Money Markets… which perform well in a high interest environment. Pair this with the rising trend in financial literacy (there is lack of literacy but a surging increase in interest) and you are met with better expense management and savings practices. This shift in retail participation has not only changed the way information is disseminated but also influenced market dynamics: The result, a resilient consumer, and a new market dynamic puzzling WallStreet.

In this episode, we learn how Gen Z invests and the market impacts. Discuss tools, resources and even a quick stock market update discussing inflationary concerns. Mary provides remarkable insights into Gen Z's investment strategies, the power of social media in financial education, and how a generation's approach to finance can reshape the world of finance and investing. Plus, don't miss the Halloween twist, as Mary joins the conversation dressed as Taylor Swift, Jessie as herself (jk just spookier), and Jess as Mr. Monopoly.

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About Mary Esposito: 

Mary is a TikTok sensation and Instagram influencer, renowned for her engaging content and passion for personal finance. She's not just a financial literacy advocate; she's also a talented knitter whose creations fly off the shelves - you can shop her creations at shoppurplepear.com. As a business student at UNC Chapel Hill, Mary's platform is firmly dedicated to financial literacy, aligning perfectly with Market MakeHer's mission to provide free education and resources.

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Episode Transcript

Jessie: Welcome back, Money Coven. You're listening to Market MakeHer, the self-directed investing education podcast that demystifies the stock market by breaking down complex topics from her perspective. We're your hosts or ghosts with the most. I'm Jessi DeNuit, your strange and unusual guide on this investing journey, asking all the questions you were thinking because I'm mystical like that.

Jess: I'm Jess Inskip what we refer to as the finance expert. And I do happen to have about 15 years of industry experience. And today we have a special guest that we are so excited about and have been following on TikTok for a while now. Mary Esposito, AKA Money with Mary, just a little bit about you for our listeners. Mary is very, very big on TikTok. She's also on Instagram. She's also an amazing knitter and has this entire lineup that you can purchase. They sell out very, very quickly. She has a super strong interest in personal finance. She is a business student at UNC Chapel Hill. She really has this social media platform that is geared towards financial literacy, which is something we totally vibe with. You know how we feel about the financial influencer space and how we're here to provide free education and resources. And Mary totally fits in. our mission to financial literacy. So thank you so much for being here, Mary. We're so excited.

Mary: Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I am so excited.

Jessie: And we should probably mention that you're dressed up as Taylor Swift today, which uh...

Mary: Correct, correct. I was instructed to arrive in a Halloween costume. And so I am Taylor Swift.

Jess: Which is amazing. Jessie is her usual self today. She did not dress up.

Jessie: Yeah, it's a regular Thursday for me and I forgot that it was Halloween.

Jess: I found a Monopoly hat.

Jessie: Yeah, Mr. Monopoly over there.

Jess: So today. We decided since we have the lovely money with Mary, we're gonna talk about Gen Z investing. We haven't had an episode as to exactly why I gave up my financial licenses, but a lot was behind it... when the whole GameStop and Meme stock fiasco happened, COVID happened, all of the sudden investing became a trend. I think a lot of that had to do with social media and TikTok and how the younger generation, that's how they find information. There's more retail participation than ever. So now when we're accounting to what's happening with the stock market from an analyst perspective, normally you would look at institutional flows, which are like mutual fund managers and money managers, and where those fund flows are going because it dominates the market. This increase in retail participation, largely fueled by Gen Z, actually has a lot to do with how the market is moving. GameStop is such a great example. Lots of buyers over sellers without the valuation makes the stock market go up. It's all supply and demand. Where Gen Z is looking and how they're investing is super important, not only for the financial literacy aspect, but overall market mechanics. We thought the best expert to get an insight into this wonderful generation is Mary.

Mary: Thank you!