Ep 25: Q&A | Roth IRA 101, Backdoor Roth IRA Contributions, Lifestyle Creep

Remember in Episode 12 how we used the "building your dreamhouse" analogy to explain how to invest in the stock market? Well remember that dreamhouse during this episode and the different rooms that are your retirements accounts, in this instance. 😉

We had a fantastic chat in our latest episode, sparked by a question from Hello2jojo on TikTok. They were curious about backdoor Roth IRA contributions and rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA, which led to some really insightful discussions!

We dove into the world of backdoor Roth IRAs, breaking down how they work and what the IRS rules are all about. One key point we covered was the IRA aggregation rule, which basically treats all traditional IRA accounts as one when it comes to taxes and conversions.

We made sure to explain the difference between deductible and nondeductible contributions, stressing how important it is to understand the tax implications, especially when moving funds into a Roth IRA. Plus, we talked about the pros and cons of doing Roth IRA conversions, especially in light of your own tax situation.

Note: Roth IRAs have a 5-year aging rule.

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