Ep 29: Investment Risk Tolerance, HYSA Interest Rates and Fed Balancing Act

What's your investment risk tolerance? (check out the risk pyramid below) How are you diversifying your investments in your portfolio? Are the interest rates on our high yield savings account coming down? What should we do with our cash to make sure it's out-pacing inflation?

Figure Out Your Risk Tolerance

There are lots of quizzes you can do at your brokerage firm or even government sites that help you figure out your risk tolerance for your personal situation. The higher the risk the higher the reward, BUT, remember that also means there's a higher risk to lose your money. Diversifying is key. 😉

Risk Pyramid

  • High Risk - On Top
  • Medium Risk - Middle
  • Low Risk - On the Bottom

High Risk Investments = Alternative Assets (Options, Futures, and Crypto is the most risky thing you can do with your money)

Medium Risk Investments = Fixed Income (government debt, corporate debt, real estate, blue chip stocks, growth stocks, etc.)

Low Risk Investments = Cash, Cash Equivalents (T-Notes, HYSA, Bonds, Money Markets, etc.) and you can get ETFs or Mutual Funds that have bonds and low-risk securities in them.

The Fed Balancing Act

Peak of inflation was 9.1% and now we're at 3.2% inflation rate. The Fed's target is always 2% YOY (year over year). It's good to understand how The Fed can change the stock market and the bond market when they raise or lower inflation, as well as how that changes your interest rates.

Think About Your Strategy

What are your plans for your money? How long are you going to keep excess cash or savings in a HYSA or different type of account? What's your plan for having your money out-pace inflation? This is what investing is alllll about!

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