Ep 33: Current State of the Stock Market + Q&A (Pt. 2)

Questions on questions: Y'all submitted sooo many questions we had to make this Q&A a two-parter.

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But First, A Quick SMU!

We also get a quick Stock Market Update from Jess Inskip. This investing rollercoaster we're on has been a bit of a dooziie this past week - what's happening? Remember, we're buckled in for the ups and downs! You know Jess is going to tell us in Swiftie speak every chance she gets...

  • AI: I can still make the whole place shimmer
  • The Dollar: I'm on my vigilante sh*t again
  • Oil: I'll be the actress staring in your bad dreams
  • The Fed: It's a cruel summer

Check out Jess's latest market comments on Fox Business: 

Answering Your Questions:

  1. Dalia asked a question from our What are mutual funds and ETFs? (Episode 04): Can you talk more about those fees behind index funds? Also, I’m wondering where exactly the money that a fund returns comes from. Is it an interest, companies’ profits or something else?
  2. @maljones asked a question from What Are Preferred Stocks (Ep. 07): Are preferred stocks also called options? Are they the same thing or different concepts?
  3. Jane Smith Carson asked: Other 'educators' talk crap about picking stocks, your advice makes me feel more confident to diversify my own portfolio. ETF. Re: step 1, what are some other fin-ed resources and podcasts you like?
  4. @Yankees asked: I see so many posts about less and less people buying homes why are prices still going up? 
  5. Carrie Nicholson asked: My son will be entering the work force soon. How can I set him up for financial success? 
  6. Anonymous: Dividend Stocks – what are they, how do they work?

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