Ep 34: Investing Jargon, Demystified 🔮✨ The Top 20 Terms You Need to Know - In Order

There's a loooot of jargon in the financial world. And it can seem overwhelming or like it's a language that was intentionally made to keep you in the dark, but Jess has been shining light on all this lingo since the beginning, and we've realized the jargon is actually pretty easy to grasp once it's explained to you in a logical, compounding way.

Compounding Knowledge 🧠✨

Just like your money compounds with interest, your investing knowledge compounds by starting off with the basic terms and building upon them. We'll take you through about 20 terms today (and we'll probably make a cute worksheet for you as well).      

It's In The Name!

It's true, most of these jargony terms are self-explanatory and the answer is literally "in the name" for a lot of them.

We start with the basic stock market terms you need to know and build upon them. You gotta know what capital is before you understand market cap, capital appreciation and capital gain, for example. ;)    

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