Ep 37: Finding AI Stock Investing Ideas with Jacey Saige

This week we are joined by ⁠Jacey Saige⁠, a Gen Z financial literacy advocate who wants to discuss how to find AI opportunities and stock market impacts. Jacey is filling in for our beloved ⁠Jessie DeNuit⁠ - do not fret she will be back next week!

AI is an important narrative to sustain this bull market. The S&P 500 is about 30% driven by technology. 5% is NVDA. Which means the AI narrative matters because of how we define the market. NVDA is about duration and demand pull for AI.NVDA reports after the hyperscalers: (GOOGL, META, AMZN, MSFT).

There is a new emerging AI headwind: Grid pressure. AI is using a lot of power, every new iteration of NVDA becomes more efficient, the issue arises as demand is growing at an astronomical rate. Grid pressure is a byproduct of compute growth. The opportunity: power providers that canbring to market faster, or alternative, like nuclear power, quickly and at better margins.

Meet Jacey Saige!

Jacey got her first taste of entrepreneurship at 16yrs old, she amassed 30k followers on Instagram and TikTok through sharing her art. Transitioning seamlessly from showcasing her creativity to managing social media, she honed her skills as a freelance manager and created her first business. Now, as she delves into the world of finance, Jacey's journey has taken an exciting new turn.

Pursuing a degree in finance, Jacey shares her insights and discoveries on⁠ TikTok @jacey_saige, demystifying investing and empowering her audience to take control of their financial futures. She brings a fresh perspective to the often intimidating world of finance, making it accessible to all.

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