Ep 27: Q&A Quickie: Investing at 40, Social Security and Money Mindset

We have a Market MakeHer short and sweet Q&A for you today regarding investing a little bit later.

Question from listener @spacey on TikTok: Should I be worried if I haven't started investing yet and I'm approaching 40?

Short Answer: No, but get started ASAP! Like we've said in previous episodes, time in the market is your best strategy. Cut down expenses and invest as much as you can (within reason).

Social Security: If you have been working, then you have social security. There's a government social security tool that can help you figure out how much you might be getting in those benefits.

Other Investments: If you have a home, that's an investment that can help you out later, or you might have other assets.

Money Mindset: We'll have an episode on this. Everyone has a different kind of relationship with money. Stay logical with your money instead of emotional. Check out Episode 25: Pay Yourself First for more budgeting tips.

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